A small range of limestone hills

Located in the heart of the triangle between Arles, Avignon and Aix-en-Provence, the hills of the Alpilles are a limestone range about 30 km long and more than 10 km wide, culminating at less than 500m asl.

This Mediterranean area hosts a great diversity of habitats and landscapes: forests and scrublands, cliffs, screes, dry grasslands, wetlands and farm land. These characteristics explain its importance for biodiversity, especially for bird life.

The intricate mosaic of habitats is largely the result of humans’ activities such as farming and grazing. The maintaining of these activities is one of the major objectives of the “Parc naturel régional des Alpilles”.


What is a “Parc naturel régional”?

The “Parcs naturels régionaux” are created to protect large cultural landscapes and their population by promoting sustainable development. The key document for the establishment and the management of a “Parc naturel régional” is called “Charter” which is grounded by the Ministry of Environment and defines over a period of 12 years the management priorities. The Park is piloted by a collaborative grouping of public corporations (i.e. municipalities of the Park’s territory).

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