(Neophron percnopterus)


The Egyptian Vulture is a species which nests in rocky areas surrounded open habitats (grass- and scrublands) for foraging.

- Size: It is the smallest vulture of Europe (wingspan of 160 – 170 cm).

- Migration behaviour: This migratory species winters in the Sahel zone in Africa. It is present in France from mid-March to early September.

- Diet: Mainly scavenger, it feeds on dead wildlife species and domestic mammals, birds, faeces, …

- Status: The population of this vulture has strongly declined in Southern France and particularly in the Alpilles, which used to be the national stronghold for the species.

- Presence in the Alpilles: Currently only one pair nests in the massif. Carcasses on artificial “feeding spots” in the Alpilles, the Crau and the valley of the Durance are an important food source.

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