(Coracias garrulus)

With its dazzling colours, the Roller could pass for an exotic bird. But it actually is a European bird species, which breeds in Europe, Northern Africa and further eastward. It nests in the hollows of old trees and is considered as an indicator species for Mediterranean agricultural areas.

Rollier d europe 3BB 06062007 - Nurly - KZ_A.audevard- Size: wingspan of 66-73 cm;

- Migration behaviour: The European Roller is a migratory species, which leaves its breeding habitats in late August and come back in April. The wintering areas are situated south of the Sahara.

- Diet: It mainly feeds on insects.

- Status: The loss of suitable breeding habitat due to changing agricultural practices, conversion to monoculture, loss of nest sites, and use of pesticides (reducing food availability) are considered to be the main threats to the species in Europe. It is sensitive to loss of hedgerows and riparian forest, which provide essential habitats for perching and nesting. It has apparently undergone moderately rapid declines across its global range and it is consequently threatened in Europe.

- Presence in the Alpilles: It is relatively well present and occurs primarily in large agricultural areas located in the foothills of the massif. The Roller breeds in old trees and hunts in grassland and pastures around its breeding area.

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