(Anthus campestris)

This small passerine likes open, hot and dry habitats from coastal to mountainous areas. It can be present in a quite diverse range of habitats, but prefers dry grasslands, dry ridges, steppes, gravel pits and other habitats providing to some extent bare soil with very short and sparse vegetation.

Pipit rousseline 3BBB 2509011 - Hyeres_A.AudevardSize: wingspan of 25-28 cm.

- Migration behaviour: Being a migratory species, the Tawny Pipit stays in Africa during winter.

- Diet: It feeds on various insects, small spiders, worms, and small seeds.

- Status: In the PACA region (Southern France) the species nests regularly with fluctuating densities. However, it is declining in Europe.

- Presence in the Alpilles : The species breeds in natural habitats (mainly open scrubland with grassland) or in agricultural areas.


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