(Otus scops)

A superbly camouflaged species, the greyish, heavily marked plumage of the Common Scops Owl makes it almost indistinguishable when perched against the bark of a tree. In the south of France this little owl likes urbanized areas (villages) surrounded by semi-open habitats. It often nests in tree hollows.

Petit-duc_scops-Jacques-Blondel- Size: It is one of the smallest owls (wingspan of 53 – 64 cm).

Migration behaviour: migratory species, which arrives in the region at the end of March. It migrates in mid-August to its wintering area south of the Sahara.

Diet: It mainly feeds on insects and other invertebrates but also on small lizards, frogs and small mammals.

Status: The species is declining in Europe. Less than 10% of the European population is present in France.

Presence in the Alpilles: The species breeds mainly in peri-urban areas, where it finds multiple breeding sites (buildings, old orchards,…).


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