(Bubo bubo)

This nocturnal raptor is present in different types of rocky habitats from the seaside to the mountain regions.

Grand-duc-d-Europe-David-LEDAN- Size: largest owl in Europe (wingspan of 160 – 180 cm).

- Migration behaviour: sedentary species which nests in cliffs.

- Diet: The diet of the Eurasian Eagle Owl can be very diverse, but the main prey species are hedgehogs, rats, hares, crows, partridges, etc.

- Status: The species is mainly present in the south-eastern part of France. Formerly heavily persecuted and therefore strongly declined, populations have started increasing again since the 1970s.

- Presence in the Alpilles: widespread species which occupies many rocky areas. The birds hunt in the massif, but also find their prey in agricultural areas in the foothills.

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