(Sylvia undata)

This small warbler is found in the dense vegetation of low scrubland and maquis. Sensitive against cold weather conditions, its population fluctuates and may decline during harsh winters.

Fauvette pitchou m ad 1B 12042008 - Ouessant_A.AudevardSize: 12 cm.

- Migration behaviour: The species is sedentary.

- Diet: It feeds primarily on caterpillars, beetles, flies, spiders and during autumn and winter also on plant material. Grass seeds and wild fruits seem to attract small groups of warblers

- Status: The species has been declining in Europe over the last twenty years, especially in the Iberian Peninsula where suitable habitat has gradually regressed. In France it is still present, but the strong fluctuation of the population size would need a consequent monitoring.

- Presence in the Alpilles: The Dartford Warbler is widely spread in habitats of low Kermes Oak scrubland.

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