(Falco naumanni)

The Lesser Kestrel, a small falcon, is found in open habitats like steppes, low scrubland and grassland, but also in agricultural zones and at the border of wetlands. It nests in hollows of buildings (e.g. sheep shelter in the Crau), on cliffs, in tree cavities or in piles of stones as it is known in the Crau plain.

Faucon crécerellette m immature 1B 24042006 - Syrie_A.Audevard- Size: wingspan of 58-73 cm.

- Migration behaviour: The Lesser Kestrel is a migratory species which spends the winter in Africa, south of the Sahara.

- Diet: It mainly feeds on insects and small mammals.

- Status: This falcon has known a strong decline and got almost extincted in France. Due to a national conservation programme the species has regained some of its former territories.

- Presence in the Alpilles: The species was very well present with 20 – 30 breeding pairs during the 1970s. 8 immature individuals were again observed during three weeks in May-June 2008. These non-breeding birds were hunting in open habitats of scrubland and along the forest tracks.

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