(Caprimulgus europaeus)

The Eurasian Nightjar is a ground-breeding species. The nest is often found near a shrub in habitats like heath- and scrubland, thickets, young plantations as well as forest clearings and forest regeneration areas. This nocturnal species is especially active at dusk and dawn where its song can be heard.

Engoulevent d europe 16062012 - Hyeres_A.AudevardSize: wingspan of 54-60 cm.

- Migration behaviour: Wintering in tropical and eastern Africa, the Eurasian Nightjar is present in southern France from May to September.

- Diet: It exclusively feeds on insects (e.g. moths, beetles).

- Status: The population is suspected to decline in Europe due to ongoing habitat destruction, pesticide use reducing the availability of food, and disturbance. Its situation in France and in the PACA region (Southern France) seems to be less alarming at the moment.

- Presence in the Alpilles: The species is a common breeding species in woodland and dense scrubland. Adequate feeding grounds are all open areas of scrubland and agricultural zones in the foothills of the massif.

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