(Circaetus gallicus)

This very discreet raptor nests in very calm areas only. The nest is usually situated in the centre of a wooded zone.

Circaète-Jean-le-Blanc-Bruno Berthemy (1)- Size: large raptor (wingspan of 160-180 cm).

- Migration behaviour: The short-toed snake eagle is a migratory species which spends the winter in the African savannahs south of the Sahara. The species arrives in the Alpilles at the beginning of March. Autumn migration starts in Europe at the end of August and in September.

- Diet: It almost exclusively feeds on reptiles (esp. snakes) hunted in open habitats (wide rocky biotopes, stony pastures, fallow land, scrubland, crop fields, etc.).

- Status: The species is well presented in the region PACA (Southern France).

Circaète-Jean-le-Blanc-Bruno Berthemy (2)
Presence in the Alpilles: The species breeds in forested areas, mainly in coniferous woodland. Birds, which were nesting probably in the Alpilles, have been regularly observed flying towards the Luberon, which proves existence of interactions between these two mountain ranges.

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