(Ortolan Bunting – Emberiza hortulana)

The Ortolan Bunting needs hot and dry summers. The species is found in various open habitats with a sufficient number of perches: steppe zones, different agricultural zones with small parcels of various cultures (vineyards, meadows, …), dry grassland as well as degraded scrubland or scrubland renewed by fire.

Bruant ortolan ad 4B 27042006 - Syrie_A.Audevard- Size: 17 cm.

- Migration behaviour: This migratory passerine arrives in France (mainly in the south-eastern part of the country) between April and May and migrates to its wintering areas from late August to late September.

- Diet: It feeds on seeds, insects, earthworms, spiders, …

- Status: Its strong decline in France began in the 1960s, with the same situation in all European countries. At present in the PACA region (Southern France), its numbers are low and vary from one district to another.

- Presence in the Alpilles: The species is very rare, only one or two pairs have been localised.

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