(Lullula arborea)

The Woodlark needs permanent grassland with some trees which serve as perch. It is found in areas of open farmland, heath- and scrubland as well as in dry grassland with trees.

Alouette-lulu-David-LEDANSize: wingspan of 30 cm.

- Migration behaviour: The species is sedentary in the Alpilles region.

- Diet: It primarily feeds on insects and spiders during the breeding season. In autumn and winter the food consists of grains and seeds.

- Status: The Woodlark suffered a strong decline due to agricultural intensification with the loss of hedgerows and land abandonment. There are still several thousand couples in the Region PACA (Southern France). Due to the lack of an effective monitoring, the decline of its population size is not easily quantifiable.

- Presence in the Alpilles: The species is quite common and can be found in a wide range of habitats from dry grassland to the open forests, furthermore in agricultural areas and scrubland. In densely forested areas, birds use the edges of forest tracks.

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