(Aquila fasciata)

The Bonelli’s Eagle is a large bird of prey, which is characteristic of the Mediterranean area. It is mainly found in biotopes of limestone cliffs (where it also nests), scrubland and cultivated areas.

Adulte_Bonelli_JCTempier_CENPACA_LIFE- Size: medium-sized eagle (wingspan of 145-165 cm).

- Migration behaviour: Adults are sedentary, while young and immature birds are rather erratic.

- Diet: The species usually hunts rabbits, crows, red-legged partridge, pigeons, etc. Occasionally, it captures gulls, various mustelids, young foxes, etc.

- Status: Bonelli’s Eagle is a globally threatened species. Less than 1,000 pairs breed in Europe. The French numbers have declined by almost 40% over the past 60 years and have reached about 30 pairs in 2013. This species is one of the rarest in France. It is therefore subject of a National Action Plan which has recently been renewed by the Ministry of Environment for a period of another 10 years.

- Presence in the Alpilles: The species is present with 4 breeding pairs. Their hunting areas cover the whole massif, where they use mainly open areas of scrubland, clearances in wooded areas as well as the agricultural plains at the foothills.

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