The “Parc naturel régional des Alpilles” (PNRA) is the coordinator of the project “Life des Alpilles”.

Parc_alpillesFounded in 2007, it is a management organisation of the territory of the Alpilles, which is financed and piloted by a collective of different public corporations: 16 municipalities, the Regional Council of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the General Council of the department Bouches-du- Rhône associated with the French State as well as many other partners, which have a consultative role (scientific council, advisory committees, associations, …) .

Objectives of the Charter of the “Parc naturel régional des Alpilles”
The key document for the management of the Nature Park is called “Charter”. It defines the priorities over a period of 12 years (2007-18):
- The interest to protect, manage and share the natural and cultural heritage as well as the exceptional landscape, and to transmit the culture of the “Provence” and the Alpilles, which is alive and still evolving;
-The requirement to conduct an ambitious policy on the management of agricultural land and urbanisation, which is an important base for the sustainable development and the social diversity of the territory,
-The commitment to develop an environment-friendly economy, where agriculture plays a major role;
-The support of sustainable tourism including visitor management to protect natural habitats;
-The decision to promote participation and mobilisation of residents and local stakeholders as basis for local democracy and eco-citizenship.

In this context the “Parc naturel régional des Alpilles” is also operator of the Natura 2000 sites on its territory, including the SPA where the actions of “Life des Alpilles” will take place.

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