Welcome to the website of “LIFE des Alpilles”!

This EU LIFE+ Nature project (2013-2018) is coordinated by the “Parc naturel régional des Alpilles” and implemented with the support of six associations: A Rocha France, CEN PACA, CERPAM, GIC des Alpilles, LPO PACA, and GOPVB.

These quite diverse partners have chosen to work together in favour of 13 bird species. How?
By promoting all human activities which contribute to the maintenance of the traditional and typical landscapes of the Alpilles, i.e. all habitats which are important for the preservation of bird-life and biodiversity.

“Les Alpilles” form indeed a rich natural heritage which is well preserved. At the same time, it is also an inventive and economically active territory. The aim of the project, which benefits from a 75% funding of the European Union, is to demonstrate the close relationship between the presence of endangered and rare bird species, on the one hand, and traditional human activities, on the other hand. Maintaining these activities contributes to the preservation of rich bird communities.

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